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Free Programs to Issue and Manage Invoice

The programs and online services that freelancers and SMEs use to manage their billing are mostly paid. Some have a very small cost, perfectly acceptable if you are an independent professional and you issue a considerable number of invoices per month. But if you need more timely help or can’t afford to pay for it yet, you also have plenty of free options at your fingertips. For that, you can check this Gud Tech Tricks and details about this.


One of the free billing programs most recommended by users themselves is Factusol. It serves both to manage invoices and to keep stock control, something very useful if, for example, you have an online store and you need to know exactly the stock of each product. In addition, the software offers extensive possibilities such as assigning risks to clients, registering advances, setting special prices, collecting delivery notes and invoices, or managing returns. It connects with Microsoft Office and allows importing Excel files with rates or supplier data.


Although it also has several payment plans to access more complete features, with Contasimple’s free basic plan you will surely have plenty. Its use is very simple and allows you to create invoices in seconds using its standard templates, which you can also customize (logos, corporate colors, etc.). Other interesting functions are the generation of budgets and the management of expenses and logbooks. It can be easily used from the mobile -a fundamental requirement today- and supports the main taxes and tax models (VAT, personal income tax, rent withholdings, third-party operations, etc.). It also integrates with Dropbox and Google Drive so you can automatically save invoices to your cloud.


If you are looking for a simple billing program, the LITE version of MGest is an excellent option. It is completely free and, although it does not offer you all the possibilities of the paid version, it is quite close. You will have to register on the site before downloading the program, with a limit of two users for the LITE version (in the paid version, there is no limit). You can register up to 200 articles, customers, and suppliers, and up to 200 estimates, orders, and delivery notes. It works by modules (you can only use the ones you need) and it is linked very easily with virtual stores.